Ideas for Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

So you are looking for options to upgrade your engagement ring? Broadly speaking, there are two ways to go about it. A quick and relatively easy option is to reset your ring. The second is a total upgrade which basically means you give in your old ring and get back a brand new one. Regardless of which way you choose to go, here are some ideas to open your imagination up about your ring upgrade. The below mentioned ideas are at least how jewelers approach upgrading engagement rings. So, let’s get started.

Ideas for Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

Get a New Ring Band
The first thing of course to upgrade in a ring is its band. Band styles have changed immensely over the last ten years, and if you track the changes you’d know the importance of upgrading the band every once in a while to keep it fashionably meaningful. When changing the band, you can pick a different metal or a two-toned mix or something that has a bit of gem or design on it to make the changes obvious to the eye.

Put in New Gems
A great way to upgrade the very look and feel of a ring is to put new gems on it. If you are not willing to replace the center stone, leave it as is. Instead, replace the side stones, or add some new ones on the side to give the ring a new character. If the style allows, put in use some colored stones to make it look visually interesting. With colored stones fast capturing people’s fascination, these gems are good to introduce to an old ring for an effective upgrade.

Ideas for Upgrading Your Engagement Ring

Playing around with the Setting
Another great way to give the ring a quick refresh is to change the stone settings. Check out what new settings are in the market at this point and which ones are more popular than others. Playing with the settings can bring dramatic changes to a ring.

Introduce a Ring Enhancer
Last but not least; a ring enhancer is a straightforward way to make some sweeping changes to your ring. A ring enhancer is nothing but a second ring that jewelers attach to the main ring to bring about some visual changes. A ring enhancer can cause large-scale changes in the appearance of the ring, depending on the style you pick.

If these ideas don’t suit your expectations, feel free to go creative in any way you like.

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