Some Unbeatable Pieces in Boutique Rings

What makes a shopping experience worthwhile? Is it the thrill of searching or the joy of finding? Personally speaking, it is the combined feel of both. The hunt becomes exciting only when it gets closer to the game. Boutique rings might fail your usual Web browsing tactics because they do not occur in the shelves of contemporary galleries. These vintage treasures are rare finds even in heritage jewelry galleries. However, if you are lucky enough to have spotted one such store that has an effusive collection of boutique rings, or even a limited range of exclusive boutique pieces, then take a quick read through this article to give your taste a creative kick.

Marquise Cluster Ring
Thinking antique suggests that you want something that does not have a second piece. With this particular piece, you might have a hard time finding a match. Marquise cut diamonds and other gemstones are not as rare these days; but a Marquise ring encrusted with tens of cluster diamonds is. This piece is a wonderful work of art. The elongated Marquise framework is mounted with multiple tiny diamonds, the largest of which find the central linear placement. The framework is wielded with a yellow gold ring with three accent white stones on each side. The gold lattice that holds the stones together does not show from around the settings making it a rare spectacle from top.

The Pink Panther Diamond
The infamous diamond that had the inept French sleuth Jacques Clouseau on his heels through the entire movie does exist outside the reels. Whether or not it caused spiteful actions, this one is a delight to the eyes. The oval pink diamond upheld from a double-clasp prong setting has a natural blush of its own. The band of the ring is inlaid with a line of colorless diamonds that are uniformly placed through the space of the band.

Tree Branch Ring
Very few have a taste for hand beaten, crude designs in ornaments, but if you are one of those few, then you will love this one. The piece is named a tree branch ring because of the semblance of the band with a tree branch. It has the crudeness of a smith’s technique with apparently no touch of sophisticated instruments. The ring is intendedly unrefined with a trace of design that is reminiscent of metal wares from the crude ages. Between the two ends sits a pear shaped diamond in a shapely bezel casing, slightly askew in its position.

The Half-Moon Tri-Band Ring
Last but not the last, this piece is one of the rarest find in boutique rings. It has been given the final position in the list because it would be too disconcerting to learn about its availability any time sooner. However, this ring is a punch of three bands, central to which is a half-moon diamond with a hemispherical halo on top. A sleek gold band, a two-toned band and a micro pave diamond band come together to create this surprisingly symmetrical and brilliant boutique band.

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