Two Things That Aid the Selection of the Right Engagement Ring

Every ring tells a story, and by that fact, your ring should tell yours. Now finding the ring that was destined to shine on your finger is the most challenging part of the prospect. There are millions of engagement rings in the market, thousands of which may catch your eye, and at least a few hundred that sit well within your budgetary confines. Making the find from hundreds of rings is an uphill battle. Most people believe finding the right engagement ring to be a lucky shot. I say, it’s a matter of persistence and observance. There are a few things that aid the quest for the ring that was made for the love of your life.


The Language of the Design

Most people overlook this, and that is not by accident. The rings are designed to hit the decision-making part of the brain. Overwhelmed by the aesthetic grandeur, buyers arrive at the decision of picking one from many. Beautiful as it should, the ring should always have some semblance or connection with your love story. The design has a lucid language, and reading that may take you to have a longer look at it. Gentle strokes tell a rosy story, while one with convoluted curves and coils narrate the challenges that lay in the way. If you want the ring to be perfect, you need patience for you to be able to see through these silent words.


The Metal That Compliments the Design

Rings are crafted in gold, silver, platinum and all sorts of metals, some more precious than the other. It is rarely that one piece is carved in more than one metal. However, with customization, it is possible to treat the display piece as a specimen only. Many jewelers encourage their buyers to get the rings of their choosing customized in the metal they like. What must motivate such custom-making is not entirely the aesthetics, but that if the metal fulfills the meaning of the design. Also to keep in mind is the use of gemstones in the ring. Most engagement rings use achromatic diamonds that go best with platinum and white gold because of their silver shade. Yellow gold adds an element of gorgeousness to the rings. Emerald and blue sapphire pair best with yellow gold.

The price is another restrictive parameter in the purchase. Respecting it is most advisable particularly when you have an imminent wedding to organize in the foreseeable future.

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