Two Stone Rings- The Latest Trend

Nobody can ever dream of being engaged without a ring on her finger. A diamond is the stone that remains popular to date though and you do hope for an enormous one with a brilliant centerpiece and a number of tiny glittering stones that succeeds in drawing attention to the whopping big rock on your ring finger. Sure, you have to be a celeb to get what you want in diamonds, of course and it is via them that you get to learn about the fancy rings that are trendy at the moment.

So, what exactly is the current trend? Well, the experts are swearing by the two stone rings where both the diamonds are equal in size, and there is no center piece either. The two distinct stones united within a beautiful setting is highly significant as well. The grapevine is abuzz with one of the diamonds standing for the love between the couple with the other marking the friendship between them. Well, it certainly sounds good for an engaged couple who only have eyes for each other. The ring may also be used for other special occasions too so take heart from this bit of fact even, if you are not going to be walking down the aisle soon.
You do have to give more importance to the setting than the stones to be the cynosure of all eyes. A setting that has the stones appears above and below instead of being bang in the center of the ring is definitely a good way to give a modern twist to the ring meant for eternal love. You are also welcome to design your ring where the halo setting gives the distinct feel of both the diamonds orbiting one another. This is surely a ring that will have the fair maiden say ýes’ when you pop the question with the aid of a two stone ring.

There is no right or wrong path to tread when you want to get two stones in your ring. So go ahead and experiment freely with the design. The rings do not have to be identical either. You can opt for a diamond and ruby combo or a sapphire and emerald. The cuts do not have to match either. Including a round cut with a marquise or a Princess cut with the heart shaped diamond is nothing to be scoffed at. Do follow your heart and design a ring that strikes a chord deep within your partner.

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