The Two Available Styles of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a celebration of the love you share with your partner and the time you have spent together and the future you have with one another. But sadly, so much thought goes into the selection and designing of engagement rings that there is not enough mental energy left to spare on wedding rings. To think, a wedding band deserves equal brainstorming, not because it is the most important artefact of the union, but because it is something that tells your love story, and it is that one thing you will be wearing for the rest of your life.

Wedding bands are chiefly of two kinds- infinity and eternity.

Infinity Bands
Infinity bands are named after the symbolic significance of the term to the bond of matrimony. It symbolizes one’s never-ending love for another. These bands are available in many different styles with generous and sparing use of gemstones. There are some infinity bands that do not have any use of gemstones at all. They are crafted in gold with very little or no detail in the body.
Aside gold, platinum infinity wedding rings with tungsten or enamel bands around the edge is another popular variety. You may also like the bands that are studded with gemstones. Diamond is a preferred choice of stone for wedding and engagement jewelry. To make the designs interesting, some bands are inlaid with gemstones while others are set with stones all over. Diamonds of small sizes are used for the ornamentation of the rings. Blue sapphire is another commonly sighted addition to infinity bands.

Eternity Bands
The eternity band is a young entrant in the catalog. The bands use the symbol of eternity to express the external nature of love. So, loops make the integral feature of these rings. Understandably, eternal bands have more curvaceous designs as compared to infinity bands. The loops are often inlaid with cluster diamonds. To keep the price at a conservative slab, the jewelers often use diamond dusts to add sparkle to the flow of the designs.
Eternity bands are normally less expensive in contrast to infinity bands because of the cost and construct. A mix of vertical and horizontal placement of the signs make the designs more interesting than those that use either.

Either of the two makes a fitting choice for both the sexes. Common themes on which wedding bands are designed are antique, classic, nature and modern.

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