Trendiest Fall/Winter Jewelry This Year

Fall/winter fashion is distinctly different from that of other seasons. The wintry weather calls for a lot of skin cover with inner and outerwear. That leaves very little room for jewelry. However, you may still accommodate a piece or two and drag attention to them if you choose the right ones. Now, what could be that piece that will show itself without cowering under the wool and polyester? Evidently you need something bigger than normal, substantively sized. Another option is to go for something that has the design that is an easy eye-catcher. Regardless, you need something bulkier than the usual. Take a look.

Ear cuffs
Take a gander at these pieces. If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice by keeping from sporting the trendiest of jewelry pieces of this season. They are yes, very different, especially the ones that crawl around your auricular edge. But, you cannot deny their very special appeal. Go classic with the flowery cuffs, or try something gothic like a sizzling dragon. Whatever you wear will grab eyeballs, even from behind a boa or a scarf.

If you are not wearing a muffler today, then a choker is the best neckpiece for the winter. However, knowing that a covering for the neck is necessary, they make better accessories for fall or the period of approaching winter. Chockers are one piece that steal the show. They go with pretty much anything, say hoops, studs or ear cuffs.

Crystal Necklaces
They might cost you a good deal of money, but you will enjoy the satisfaction of having them in your vault for as the longest time. Crystal pendants usually come with a sharp apex with a top setting holding the stone to the loop. Pick whatever chain you like, as long as they are a little thicker than the usual. The stone can be hung out from the parting of your coat lapel or high neck sweater. They just fall in place. It goes without saying that crystal necklaces look very classy.

Knotted Pearls
You don’t need a bare neck to flaunt a spectacular chain woven with pearls. You can be wearing a neck-high shirt and still be wearing a pearl chain. Knot it on the side to make the strands appear thicker and easily noticeable. For winter accessory, pick something in dark or light shades and wear them in contrast with the rest of your clothing. Complete the attire with high heel winter boots.

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