Top Jewelry That Are Trending This Summer

This year is going to be phenomenal for the jewelry industry for designers, merchants and its patrons. Only in the first quarter of this year and we already have a line of statement-making baubles and fineries coming our way. For what it’s worth, summer trends for jewelry and accessories are already in place. So, here are some of the jewelry that you need to own this season to look pretty as well as in fashion.

Arm Cuffs: You may have seen these on celebs already. These arm cuffs are worn higher up on the forearms, and unlike bangles, they don’t dangle off. Arm cuffs come in single as well as in pairs. They come fitted with stones as well as plain in metals. Being very slight in their frames, these cuffs are best worn in pairs at least to achieve something conspicuous. However, the singles are not so bad either, considering mild fashion lovers.

Multi-piercing Ear Cuffs: Don’t be alarmed already. You can save yourself the pain of getting three more piercings on your ears with these multi-piercing ear cuffs. These ones cling on to the larger part of your ears, with or without piercings. They make you look like a rock star, plus, the trouble of wearing your regular earrings. Multi-piercing ear cuffs come in different styles and designs. Those with stone insets are a special recommendation for those who do not mind a little color in their gold.

Midi Rings: After stackable, it is these bands that are making statements. They look cool, are effortless to put on and take off, and look like multiple rings outside. If you are a ring person, you can sport two sets on one finger between knuckles for a very chic look.

Rose Gold: this entry is not exactly a jewelry, but a particular metal that is high on fashion right now. Rose gold is a fine entry in the catalog. Rose gold is seen in watches, it’s seen in ornaments and now, even in fabrics. So, if you have a soft spot for the color pink, but do not want to compromise with anything other than gold, then rose gold is just your thing. The metal is widely used in making jewelry ever since its landslide acceptance.

So, before you go out on a shopping spree this year, make sure that you have these three included in the list of purchases.

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