Top Jewelry Picks This Year

Over the past 11 months, trends have appeared and vanished. Some very fresh styles have arrived at the stores this year, much of which is expected to stick around in the coming years. Between the popular and fading styles, we decided to round off the top picks that were voted as the best of 2017. The best of entrants have been skimmed off different sections of the gallery. So, expect to see diversity on the list, to say the least. Here are some of the best launches this year that are here to stay. So, if you haven’t bought any already, here are some suggestions.

Top Jewelry Picks This Year

Horizontal Emerald-Cut Solitaire Ring: Solitaire rings took a flip in this spectacular ring. One glance at it will tell that it’s different from the solitaire rings you have seen before. This style features a sizeable emerald cut diamond on a skinny, rounded platinum band, only that the stone is set horizontally instead of the traditional vertical setup. That gives the center of the ring a breadth that is new for solitaires set with boxy shaped diamonds. The horizontal setting adds an extra visual element to the already breathtaking piece.

Petite Diamond Band: Dainty ring lovers will find this piece quite something. This one is a band of shining diamonds set on semi-bezel layouts that surround the ring front and back. Smooth lines of the bezel makes it extremely comfortable while the diamonds in the band give the ring a luminous appearance that stands it out. So although quite skinny, this one is hard to miss.

Wrap Around Diamond Bracelet: Tennis bracelets found a new direction with this wrap-around diamond bracelet. Woven with three rows of miniscule diamonds for maximum luminosity, this band has a lattice-like quality which lets it sit smugly around the wrist with an elastic fit. Although broader than the regular tennis bracelets, this one allows for a lot of fluidity. In other words, it eases movements and ensures a comfortable fit.

Diamond Hoops: In earrings, the diamond hoops are the best this year has got. Beset with tiny diamonds, these spectacular hoops are an eyeful. Staggeringly heavy and pricey apiece, this one is a worthy investment for this year and more to come. Diamond hoops are going to last a long fashion life after their metal cousins from the 90s.

So, go ahead and take a pick before this year comes to an end.

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