Top Choices in Golden Rings This Year

The year 2018 brings back with it the gold madness. Gold will prevail this year, regardless of the popular penchant for rose and white golds. So, if you are stocking up for this year, start out with buying some gold rings. Fan of gold or not, you will love the kind of selection they have put together for the ladies and gents this year. If one look at the gallery tells you that it could get you spoilt for choice, then take a quick look at these few styles. Go ahead and pick one or all of these to stay fashionable this year.


Gold Solitaire

Top Choices in Golden Rings This Year - Gold Solitaire
The selection commences with the classic gold solitaire ring which is the timeless, most beautiful marriage of gold and diamond. Gold solitaires are hard to miss, and even harder to not like. They may cost you a good deal, but they definitely are worth their price. Mind the setting style because there isn’t much else in the design element. Prong style setting is the best way to go for any solitaire. So, for full effect, pick something that uses prong settings.


Yellow Halo
If you want the warmth of gold evenly punctuated with the iced-out look of diamonds, then a halo gold diamond ring sounds like something you will like. These rings wear a diamond at the heart surrounded by a line of diamonds which further accentuate the effect of the white on gold. While some halo rings feature details, others are pretty plain.


Nature Inspired
If you are looking for something luxurious, yet delicate, then a nature-inspired gold ring is what you want. These rings feature chiefly nature motifs like leaves, vines, scrolls, etc. The sculptures on the rings are quite impressive in their precision and even gorgeous. So, this is for those who like to be trendy but cannot move away from classic.


Vintage-Grade Elaborate

Top Choices in Golden Rings This Year -  Vintage grade elaborate
If you are looking for a ring that’s heavy on details, then move over to the elaborate style ring gallery. Here, you will find all sorts of metalwork that point towards superior craftsmanship. Beware of steep prices. The visual impact of these rings is usually pretty high to make up for the price they come for.


Cluster-Diamond Ring
An inexpensive alternative to diamond solitaires, cluster diamond golden rings can range from simple to gorgeous. Depending on the size and number of stones, the aesthetics of the rings vary.

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