Top 5 Styles of Wedding Bands in 2017

This year, the trends in wedding bands is quite different from that in the last year. In 2017, buyers and makers both seem to be quite decidedly focused on sleek and stackable bands. So, this year, I’m guessing, we will get to see a lot of slim-trim bands that are much thinner than those from the last year, but still intricately decorated. Silver metals rule the market so far into this year. Rose gold is becoming more common, and yellow gold is gradually fading from the scene. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best 5 bands styles seen this year in wedding rings.


Pavé-Diamond Rings

Sparkly bands have moved a few places up this year. That has made designing more of pavé-set diamond rings the need of the hour. Jewelers around the world are doing a fine job bringing in plenty of new designs in this range. The pave-set diamond bands are sleek and minimal. They feature small diamonds set along half the band circle. That ensures that the rings have just the right amount of brilliance. The diamond accents coupled with the pavé style bring the ring together into an aesthetically overwhelming piece that does not dim in the slightest because of its petite built.


Stackable Bands

If it’s a wedding band, it should be stackable. The designers have finally come to realize the importance of stackable bands in the wedding section. This year, the collection includes a large number of ultra-thin stackable wedding bands. The stacked look is both classy and stylish, something that can be personalized at will. The rings are only a couple of millimeters wide and within their slight width, they display complex design works that more often than not include gems. There are solitaires and infinity bands too in this section, but only much slimmer than their usual versions.

Bezel Set Diamond Wedding Bands

The bezel set wedding bands are a sight to behold. Made from rose gold and set with half a ring of diamonds in bezel style, these rings are minimal and delicate. While the models closely follow the style of eternity bands, these rings uphold their differences with flattering introductions of milgrains and such features.

Vintage-Inspired Bands

This particular style displays complex filigrees, detailed engravings and raised edges all of which are borrowed from some original vintage work.

Classic Platinum Rings
The classic platinum rings which are flat and rounded bands with engravings on the inside are still a popular choice for both men and women.

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