Top 4 Jewelry Trends for 2017

With us still in the first quarter of this year, the rest of the year seems to be like a journey that is gradually unfolding. Unlike most industries, fashion trends have already started to shape early on this year. We have in place a few of these trends that are expected to stay beyond the closing of this year and continue into the next. Let’s take a look at the top few trends that have been noted and cited by experts so far.


Inverted Stones: Predictions are that the market is likely to be swamped by ornaments beset with inverted gemstones than regular set ones. You will get to see more culets than tables this year and if its taken well by the people, we expect to see it in the upcoming years. Some specimens of these jewels have already been introduced in the market by designers, but they haven’t really left the fashion ramps and hubs. We however expect to start seeing more of these by the end of this quarter.

Bangles: We haven’t seen too many bangles last year. 2016 was all about bracelets. This year, layered bangles is going to be the trendsetters. Wave bracelets, rolling bracelets, charm bracelets and all other kinds that have enjoyed undisputed popularity last year will all be thrown off by clunky and cool mosaic bangles this year.

Pearls: For long, diamonds have held sway over all other gems and crystals. This year, pearls will prevail. Designers have already taken up assignments that involve use of pearls. Word has it that this year will see funky and bold pearl ornaments as opposed to delicate and sophisticated pieces. The best thing about pearls is that the nacre is flattering to all complexions. That makes it more likely for people around the world to want more of these new and very different pieces.

Colored Diamonds: With the advent of pearls, diamonds may take a backseat, but that is not to say that they will go out of business altogether. That’s not happening, particularly with the recent launch of colored diamonds. These pretty pieces have already hooked the attention and interest of buyers across the globe, with blue diamonds peaking the sales. You will get to see more pink diamond jewelry this year, followed by yellow and green ones. Now is the time to pick diamonds from the lower end of the grades to save some money and be in style all the same.

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