Tips to Protect Your Sparkler in Winter

Your sparkler, like your skin needs special care in the winter. Although the seasons seemingly have a neutral effect on baubles, there is more than what meets the eye. As the days start to get shorter and the nights longer and colder, your bling needs to buckle up to survive the long and chilly winter without losing its luster. In between busy workdays and hectic travel plans, you can make time to make sure that your ring gets through the winter fine by doing just a few things. Let’s see what those things are:

Check the Fitting
Our rings like our fingers contract and expand with the changing temperature. Sweater weather means thinner fingers whereas summers mean plump fingers. Ideally, your ring should fit a little loose when you buy it so that in summer, when the fingers get more body, it still fits comfortably without choking the finger too much. This will help you bypass the problem of sizing and resizing twice a year. Alternately, if your ring gets so loose that it moves around in your finger, try using a sizing bar or bead to keep it in place. Just make sure that you keep your ring upright when you are wearing it for the most comfortable fit.

Watch Out the Gloves
Gloves are no friends of rings. They may keep your hands warm all winter, but they do little to protect your ring. In fact, my advice would be to take it off entirely when you are wearing gloves. That prevents snagging of fiber and accidental weakening of prongs. Plus, the consistent friction and pressure of the gloves are not good for the ring. It may cause the ring to bend or wrap in extreme situations. So, it’s best to take off your ring when slipping your hands into the cozy wooly inside of your gloves.

Keep It Away from Your Sweaters
Sweaters, like gloves are the essentials of winter. You cannot ditch them even if you wanted to. So, the best approach is to take off your bling so that it does not catch a yarn and mess up the sweat knitting or the sweater roughly tug at a prong pulling it away in the process. Be mindful of the winter garments when you are wearing a ring. You either have to be cautious or take the ring off and put it back on after your clothes and ready.

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