Helpful Tips That Could Get You More Bling for Less Buck

You are in a store looking at engagement rings and it suddenly strikes you that whatever you like is beyond that budgetary line that you have so wisely drawn to avoid going down the slippery slope. You have two choices, either to violate the limit you set for yourself, or to settle for something which you don’t fully like, but can afford easily. To your surprise there is a third and more likeable option which comes in between the said two. This third option not only relieves buyers from the growing anxiety of overspending, it also enables them to get more bling for less. If you are in, let’s learn more.
The idea is to hit the sweet spot, which for all 4Cs comes in the middle. The first rule of success is to aim high. So, let’s begin.

Helpful Tips That Could Get You More Bling for Less Buck

The Right Carat
Know beforehand that there is no one carat which is right for all, and that is not debatable. To each his own. You, as a buyer have the supreme right to choose a carat size that seems fit for your ring. For engagement rings, the bracket is wide. Between 0.5 to 4, anything can be right. But to get more bling for your money, you must stick to the medium size which offers the best value for money. Restrict your choice between .50 and 2.50 carats and you are all set to save.

The Best Color
Coming to color, your choices here range from D which is colorless to Y which is visibly yellow, crossing which you will be in the fancy colored section. So, for white diamond buyers, the best spot to hit for engagement rings is G H I. These are nearly colorless with very little yellow in them. For engagement rings, diamonds from these ranges work best.

The Highest Clarity
For a decently clear stone, aim for SI1 and SI2. Don’t be alarmed because these two grades, although quite high-end are priced most humbly. As for clarity, diamonds of SI1 and SI2 grades are perfectly eye-clean. They look perfectly clear under storeroom illumination.

The Perfect Cut
The perfect cut is what they call the ideal cut. There is no cut above it, and it is the best money can buy. But if you are looking for a decent cut below it that offers good value for money, then Very Good and Good are two fine grades to pick from.

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