Some Tips That Can Make Your Wedding Theme More-Than-Awesome


People often get too finicky about their weddings because it is a big thing. Whether you accept it or not, it is the most beautiful celebration of one’s life. As you walk down the aisle or wait for her to kiss her father goodbye to be united with you in front of God and the gathered guests, you would want the setting to be perfect. While giving it up to a wedding planner is a failsafe way, you need to contribute some ideas and make some preparations to ensure perfection in the arrangement. Here are some tips that can make your wedding theme better than best.

Dare To Be Out of the Box
Do not worry about looking unusual. It is one thing that gets noticed. A white wedding is normal and expected. How about adding a bit of pink and lilac to the environment? Still sounds predictable? Go for the less explored shades that are new to weddings. Your event needs to standout, but make sure it is not repulsive to the eyes and minds. Dare to be different and that will be remembered better among many others.

Be Budget-Smart
Do not avoid the extra labor to save some money. Splurging does not necessarily mean you will be able to buy the best. Similarly, being pennywise doesn’t mean you can’t have all you want. Shop around, talk to multiple planners and then finally appoint one. Make a clear note of the jewelry you want and browse the collections online to make the best pick. Do not avert diamonds. It’s your wedding!

Have a Jazzy Décor
Uniform tablescapes, fitting light effects, etc., are good, but you do not have to conform to the stereotype. Go beyond it. Do something different for the wedding décor, and do not be apprehensive about whether it will be accepted or not. Light it up in a way so that it adjusts the mood of the event. Create a small ballroom setting for the guests to have some slow dancing. Dress up the space well to evoke the mood of the celebration.

A Dandy Dinner
Lastly, food is the heart and soul of all celebrations. Good food, accompanied by drinks completes the event. Do not assign the job to just any caterer who agrees to serve within your budget. Customize your menu, add your and your spouse’s favorites in the menu. Shrimp cocktails, Asian additions, etc. can spice up the gourmet better than the typical ones. Check out the options well before you finalize the list.

Do not forget to decide on a theme for the wedding before you go out to discuss it with your planner.

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