Tips to Accessorize for a Beach Wedding

Tips to Accessorize for a Beach WeddingSo you have a beach wedding coming up and you have not a clue what to wear to the party. Beach weddings are not an everyday affair. So, quite naturally, guests draw a blank at their first guesses. However, that’s not a problem, for we have for you some very easy fashion ideas that are guaranteed to produce spectacular results. Finding a blooming dress that you can ideally wear to a beach wedding shouldn’t be a problem. Everyone has one or two. If you don’t find anything nice enough to wear to a wedding party, hit the store. For jewelry however, there are some ideas that can work great.


A Dazzling Pair of Round-Cut Diamond Studs
Let’s start from up top. What goes best on the ears when you are wearing a light as breeze, vibrantly colored, flirty beach dress? Not many options come to mind right away. No one with a fashion sense has denied the versatility of diamond studs. These pretty earrings work with everything from haute couture gowns to summer dress and pretty much everything that comes in between. A pair of round-cut diamond studs is the best way to accessorize your beach gown. Solitaire studs make the best fit for the occasion. Beach or no beach, it’s still a wedding and you want to look your best.


A Shinning Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Don’t go overboard on the rest of the articles because minimal is the way to go with a flirty beach gown. A skinny tennis bracelet works wonders with something like that. Tennis bracelets are dainty and pleasing to the tastes of most. Get a lean one-row piece or a thicker, heavily gemmed one, diamond tennis bracelets are always a great way to add a little instant razzle dazzle to the attire. There is no hard set rule as to which hand to wear it on. Choose your favorite arm and slide it in.


A Skinny Diamond-Studded Chain
Finally, for the neck, don’t leave it bare altogether, but don’t overdo it either. You already have the studs in place. What you need is a little something to center it all. A short and skinny necklace dotted with diamonds sounds like a great recommendation. Because you already have so much color in the dress, you can avoid using colored gem jewelry altogether. If not, a short necklace gemmed with different colored stones works like a charm too.

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