Three Stone Rings: A Classy Edge to Solitaires


The popular taste was sufficed by solitaires in the last decades until the three center-stone rings made their appearance in the market. Though solitaires claimed the place of finality in aesthetics around that time, the tri-stone rings came to counter that with unbelievable success. They arrived and took over the market almost instantly. Presently, like the halo rings, they have eclipsed the popularity of all other once-phenomenally-sold designs. Solitaire rings have faded as the traditional ring in this era where jewelers are finding more success with results of experiments than showing faithfulness to the tradition. If you are a traditionalist who has their loyalty pinned to diamond solitaires, let this article prepare you for a transcendence.

The More, The Merrier
Why settle for a single stone when you can have three at a reasonable price difference. The three center stone rings are intelligently designed to keep the crafting cost and price label within a logical boundary. Buyers wouldn’t venture out into the new if it strains their limits too much. The rings use one large stone at the center with two accent stones on the sides that are slightly smaller than the one in the middle. In order to ensure that the volume is maintained without pushing the price too much higher, the designers make use of cuts that use thinner stones. The point is to make the flats of the diamond appear larger. So, just because the stones have a fuller appearance doesn’t mean it is worth more carats.

Immense Design Possibilities
Jewelers have liberally experimented with the designs of these rings. They have stepped outside the boundaries of convention to deliver exquisite pieces that are rare in the business, often first-timers. The cuts of the stones used make all the differences to the designs. Usually, most of the rings are left to the magic of the stones. Princess and baguette cuts are preferred for these rings. They are set in classic prong settings with the rest of the band mirroring a similar polish and often a contrary matt finish. The bezel setting is another great infusion of different cuts to this three stone arrangement. Some rings even use a mix of different cuts. For instance, they use a princess cut for the center stone and two radiant cuts for the sides. The ensemble only enhances the beauty of the design.

Customization at Its Best
The best part of the three stones rings is that they are customizable. You can choose to use two similar stones for the sides and a diamond in the middle. You can even try similar gemstones of two different shades to add a touch of color to the setting. The rings are available in platinum, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. So, there are some potent possibilities of customization there too.

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