Three stone rings can have different purposes

Three stone engagement rings have become popular in recent times. Every couple that thinks of getting married considers three stone rings for their eye catching yet timeless designs that steal the heart.

A three stone ring may have a larger diamond in the center with small complementary stones on either side. The makers of these rings give their designs evocative names such as Trinity or Trilogy rings. Such words allude to a belief that the three diamonds represent the three worlds which are the past, the present and the future. Others feel that these three diamonds represent friendship, fidelity and love.

Another appeal to three piece rings is that they are more cost effective than solitaires. Large diamonds are much rarer than smaller ones, making two half carat diamonds more affordable than a one carat jewel. Three stone rings also leave greater room for customization. A client may prefer a central diamond flanked with other gemstones such as rubies or sapphires, giving an alternative look to the diamond. Others may have the side stones refashioned into earrings later in life.

One matter to be careful of before buying a diamond ring is the budget. Make a spending plan the month you think of buying a diamond ring. Another important thing to keep in mind before bestowing the engagement ring upon your future spouse is which cut or design she prefers. With these tips in mind, you can purchase a ring that will herald your future together.

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