Things you should know before buying a Princess Cut Diamond Ring

It is a diamond cut that has for years been persistently enjoying the second place under the category of the most sought after and popular diamonds in the world. It is that diamond cut that has always been garnering the maximum interest and admiration from people all over the world. Lastly, it is that diamond cut that is largely considered the most ideal shape for engagement or wedding ring. As the very name implies, the princess cut diamond is by all means an embodiment of beauty, a diamond fit for the queen. After Princess Madeleine of Sweden was proposed with a large princess cut engagement ring by her (now) husband Chris, the popularity of the princess cut engagement rings increased to a great degree.
The cut was made popular by Betzalel Amber and Israel Itzkowitz in the 1970’s and since then owing to the unique shape and the fire and brilliance (that almost matches with the fire and brilliance of the round brilliant cut) the enchanting feature of the princess cut diamond came to light. If you are planning to go for a princess cut diamond, you need to be aware of a few tips that will channelize your search and help you find the perfect princess cut diamond.

  • Traditionally a square cut, the princess cut diamond can also be slightly rectangular. Many buyers opt for the slightly rectangular princess cut as they are much lower in price. It depends on your own personal choice. However, if you have a slim finger, a slightly rectangular princess cut diamond will be an ideal choice for you.
  • The price of the princess cut diamond is generally cheaper when compared to their round brilliant cut counterparts. This is because not much is wasted when a raw diamond is shaped into a princess cut diamond.
  • Princess cut diamond is said to be a very forgiving cut. It is one cut that has the power to camouflage the minor inclusions, color tint or blemishes. This is because of its brilliant proportions. If you are buying an inferior clarity loose diamond ensure that the inclusions are not located at the four corners or the outer edges as this will make the stone susceptible to chipping during the setting process.
  • When choosing a color, make sure that the diamond doesn’t have any visible yellow tint. Generally an H color or an I color is considered an ideal and valuable choice, though the higher the color the better. It is suggested not to go for a color grade that is lower than I.
  • Another rule of thumb for the princess cut diamond is to look for a stone which has a total depth or height of about 70% (with a tolerance of 5%). Ensure that the diamond’s polish and symmetry grade is at least Good in the certificate. Stay away from those diamonds that have a depth of more than 80%. The table of the princess cut diamond should preferably be below 75%. Remember that the cut grade of the princess cut diamond is not graded by GIA. Generally the best cut is one that maximizes the diamond’s brilliance and does not make it look too deep or shallow.

If you are looking for some of the best setting options under princess cut diamond rings, you will be surprised to see an impressive collection in any jewelry store you visit. Apart from the 4-prong setting, the halo setting, the channel setting, there will be innumerable other options at your disposal.

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