Things You Don’t’ Want to Do While Wearing Your Ring

Your engagement ring is a very special piece of ornament that you will wear through your life. Because of the sentimental values, people often grow quite attached to this one piece of jewelry, and that’s the reason why this piece hardly ever gets even a day’s rest in a jewelry dish. Although engagement and wedding rings are for life, there are some times when you don’t want to have them on, when doing a special kind of chore. To make sure that your engagement ring diamond stays beautiful and lustrous forever, a care regime should be maintained and not having them on while doing a few things is one of them. Here are some things you don’t want to do with your ring on.

Things You Don’t’ Want to Do While Wearing Your Ring

Cleaning – Cleaning involves exposing your hands to abrasive chemicals that are concocted to cut through dirt and grease. Although diamond is known to be the hardest gem, its shine can be adversely affected by the chemical components of household cleaners. As for your ring metal, it is the first to get abraded by the harsh chemicals. So, even if you are working with gentle cleaners, we recommend you to empty your finger and all hand jewelry before you let the chemical touch your hands. As an alternative, you can use waterproof gloves, if taking your ring off is not at all an option.

Landscaping – Landscaping is a creative pursuit, a great hobby for those free lazy afternoons. However, when it comes to your rings, it’s a terrible task to handle. Take them off before you stuff your hands in the dirt. If you have done garden chores before with your rings on, you’d know that it leaves your ring caked in dirt. Cleaning later can help wash away the dirt, but the scratches and marks on the metal and stone are for ever. So, unless you have a pair of protective gloves on, gardening with your rings on is not a wise decision.

Makeup – Another thing you must never do when you have your rings on is makeup or application of any kind of cosmetics. Skincare lotions, creams, sunscreen, hairspray and some kinds of cosmetics are very harmful for the fire and scintillation of diamonds.

Swimming – Take your rings off when stepping into the pool because the chlorinated water is not the best for your rings, aside the risk of losing it from finger shrinkage.

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