Some Things to Look Out for When Buying Diamonds Online

Loose diamonds of all sizes and carats are ubiquitous over the Internet. Stores big and small now have a section under which they stock loose diamonds of different grades. It is an open invitation to get ornaments customized from scratch. Pick your diamonds, choose your metal, share your design and your piece is ready in no time. All this can happen from the comfort of your home, and under the supervision of expert designers. That’s how easy the Internet has made things for shoppers.

But, on a flip side, there are enough potholes to mind and if you are not alert enough, you could be walking into a carefully laid trap. There are some ways of proofing investments on diamonds made through the Internet.


Certification First
Never buy a diamond without a certification. Now since that is a wide spread truth at this point, most stores have come around offer certificates with their stones. However, a certificate is not always a guarantee for a quality stone. Only organizations like GIA, EGL and AGS have the grading credibility. They are some of the most trusted named around the world. So, when your seller offers certified diamonds, do look into the details of the paper. Do not settle for anything less than a GIA, AGS or EGL certified diamond. GIA is the most trusted of them all. They have fully equipped laboratories with state-of-art technology to grade diamonds precisely.


Round brilliant cut engagement ring

The 4 Cs
Make sure you have done your homework before buying a diamond, from online or otherwise. The 4 Cs of a diamond stand for color, clarity, cut and carat. The finest stones are the ones that belong to the upper end of the scale. But try not to hang too much on the quality of the stone if you wish to make a pocket-friendly investment. Flaws and inclusions in diamonds are hardly noticeable to the naked eye. So, why not save a good deal of money just by a little compromise?


Return Policies
When buying a diamond online, always stop to enquire about their return policies. Most ace jewelry companies appoint online representatives to assist purchases. Make sure you known exactly the what and whys of returning the piece. Do you lose any money should you choose to return it? How soon do they refund the money? Do you have to send it back through a courier service or they will send a collector at your doorstep? Make sure you have all the answers before you hit buy.

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