Things Your Jeweler May Try to Keep from You

As a buyer you may rely on your jeweler a smidge more than is advisable to make the right pick. While the sales team of the top jewelers do hold on to their end of the bargain, that trend goes noticeably missing with many others in business. Not only do they make use of people’s reliance and inadequate information, they also try to push them towards the end of a budget overdrive. So, here are some of the things that your jeweler may try to keep from you to protect their own interest. As for the buyers, these seemingly insignificant information can help make the best purchase for the affordable sum.


  • If you want to pick a diamond ring that will shine like a new one forever, then pick any you like. The formula to keep the diamonds twinkling like they do on a store shelf is to keep them clean throughout the term of use. Diamonds attract a lot of dirt including oil from the tip of your finger. The layers may eclipse the shine, but that’s only tentative, if you have invested in a real diamond.
  • You may think that the best stores are the ones that offer maximum discount. This is out and out a wrong notion. Sometimes, mid-scale jewelers have better lucrative deals on equally qualitative products than these upscale stores. A research indicates that markups set by the national chain stores are more often than, not greater than those chased by independent jewelers. A quick comparison can be quite enlightening.
  • In a bid to cope with the economic Armageddon, many sellers have turned to purchasing scrap gold for crafting their collection of jewelry. It is indeed a great way of saving a lot of investment, while keeping the profit constant, but it doesn’t look good for the profits of a buyer. How do you know if your chosen seller is dealing in scrap gold too? Look for marks in their selection.
  • Go round the “clarity enhanced” section, if you must. The phrase does not imply that the diamonds in this section have been polished and shined twice. Instead, this section holds all the fractured and flawed diamonds. The stones are repaired and made to look flawless, until they are put under a magnifier and the scars hits the eye like a shock.

With these bits of information, you are equipped to make a confident and worthy purchase without falling into tricks.

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