The Ultimate Guide to Stacking Rings

Stacking rings is a trend that we hope never goes away. It is a style that works with anything, from stacking bangles to stacking rings for your wedding. It is casual, yet elegant, and everything effortless. With a good sense of stacking style and some great ideas, you can stack up a fascinating combination that will be the highlight of your attire. But like all other things, stacking rings too requires some inspiration. So, let us bring to you a handful of ideas that you can recreate or refashion to create something completely new out of some scrap ideas. Let’s get started.

The Ultimate Guide to Stacking Rings

Statement Style Stacking
This may not come to you at once but statement style stacking is the ultimate goal of all ladies. Know that you have achieved it when your mix of bands have a streamline appearance, mimic a center stone and have a swoon worthy look. How can you do it? It’s really not that hard. The best way to achieve a statement stack is to insert a solitaire in the middle. Whatever you put before or after should make allowance for the solitaire to bloom at the center. This will take some years of collecting the right kind of bands.

Mixed Metals
One way of stacking your rings is to mix your metals. You can achieve a very elegant look just by randomly or systematically mixing the colors. Get all your band in one place and select out one of each color. The combination should have a sliver of gold yellow, silver white and gold pink. Any other tone available will only make the stack more interesting. Slide them in as you like it. Go random if you want to achieve a very casual look. You can also stack them alternately to create a mélange of colors.

Perfect Pairing
For those who like to keep it tidy, the perfect pairing is the way to go. It is the stacking style in which the bands do not carelessly brush against each other. Instead, the bands should align such that they look respectful to each other’s designs. To create this combination, you need cleaved and contour bands that have a bit of curve or dent in the middle to accommodate solitaires and rings of other designs ahead. Two or more rings can be put into this stack, if you have a design in mind.

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