The Shades of Red in Rubies

Rubies are recognized around the world by their rich red color, but only a few know that the gem occurs in a variety of shades. All red though, but rubies do differ from one another in their shades and tones. The difference is not only among heat-treated and untreated rubies, but natural specimens of the gem too. In fact, diversions are so acute that sellers decided to price them on their colors, than clarity. Thereby, color is a deciding factor in the evaluation of a ruby. Let’s take a look at the many different natural shades of rubies and how the gemological associations grade them.

The Shades of Red in Rubies

Vivid Red Rubies
The finest rubies are the ones that bear a pure red color so vibrant that it is often compared with pigeon’s blood. However, the most precious rubies also occur in really dark shades that even look a little purple on the sides. GIA, AGS and other worldwide recognized associations grade all natural rubies bearing the colors mentioned or in between as the top-quality. Vivid color saturation is the mark of a top-grade ruby.

The Color Range
However, there too are rubies that occur in a very light shade of red which borderlines the color of pink sapphires. These rubies bear an unmistakable semblance with pink sapphires, but the two are very different. But the mistake is understandable as both the stones come from the same family, corundums. Because the word ruby is used to denote the color red in some places, only the red ones are identified as rubies while the pink ones are often passed as sapphire. However, the light pink rubies are sold in the market for a far smaller value than their redder counterparts.

Best Rubies from Around the World
The Mozambique rubies are graded as the finest. They bear different shades of rich red, which is always vivid and intense, but never too light. Next to Mozambique rubies in color quality is the red gems from Madagascar. They too bear thick red shades like pomegranate arils, but are a touch or two darker than the Mozambique stones. Thailand mostly produces the darkest shade of rubies that look distinctly purple under light. The Australian rubies are more on the pink side. They range from dark to light pink. The mines of Australia produce a large reserve of pink rubies that are sold for easy prices around the world.

As for the clarity of these stones, please be informed that all natural rubies have inclusions.

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