The Right Cut of Diamond for Your Hand

Most women who are dating have an idea about what kind of engagement ring they want. It is not something that you have put a conscious thought into. It’s simpler than that. Everybody likes a particular style of ring, and that largely influences their choice of engagement rings. Whether you know it because you know your style or that you have been scouring photos on Pinterest forever to know what you’d like, the point still remains that you have a solid idea. Some like its classic, others have a more contemporary style. Some like it interesting, but delicate, whereas some invite a little drama in the design. But, not many people’s decision of engagement ring entails considering the size of their hands.
Jewelers, not so long ago, came to understand the correlation between the size of hands and cuts of gems. If both are factored in, one can find the kind of ring best suited for them alone.

The Universal Cut
Luckily, for some who don’t have the time or patience to launch into hours of research before deciding on a ring, there are some cuts that go with hands of all shapes and sizes. In total, there are 10 different shapes of diamonds that you can choose from, namely, the round, princess, emerald, cushion, oval, pear, radiant, marquise, asscher and heart. One such versatile cut is the round brilliant cut. Normally, this cut works with all kinds of hands, small or large. However, if you use your hands a lot, then prefer something in the solitaire setting, with little or no accents. If you have an eye for opulence, get your diamond hugged by a gorgeous halo or simply pick a three-stone piece.

Cuts for Petite Women
For smaller hands, there are some very specific cuts that are high on suitability. Particularly if you have short fingers, what should work best is a smaller diamond. In that case, cuts like princess, marquise, asscher, pear and oval are your best choices. Prefer an open or thin band for better effects.

Cuts for Wide Fingers
For wider shaped fingers, you want to use a shape that is big and bold because your fingers sure can pull it off like anything. Marquise and emerald make fantastic choices, but you can also try oval for a good effect. Any angular shape will go with your fingers, even those with a little asymmetry in them.

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