The Rarest Colored Diamonds

You may have already been told, in person or otherwise, that diamonds are rare, and that in all honesty, is true. But, they are not as rare as you may have been led to believe. In fact, there are some diamonds that are much rarer than the regular varieties sold in the stores. There are some colored varieties of diamonds that occur scantily in nature. Owing to their shortage of supply, they are steeply priced and sparsely distributed across showrooms. While each of them is exquisitely beautiful and totally irresistible, many of them may be well out of your budget, at this point.

The Rarest Colored Diamonds

Red: Red is the rarest variety of diamonds to occur on this planet. They are mined from only a few selected locations in the world. Any discourse about red diamonds is incomplete without the mention of the twin most-famous pieces in this category, namely, the Moussaieff Red and the Hancock Red. They are the two most expensive red diamonds that are auctioned to buyers.

Pink: Pink diamonds sell highest in the market, next to achromatic ones. They are incredibly feminine and extremely attractive. Available in both mild and vivacious shades of pink, this stone is a highly sought-after gem at this point. Though its rarity keeps getting in the way of them making more frequent appearances in jewelry, they are still the classiest choice one has in diamonds.

Orange: Orange diamonds resemble a burning scoop of the lava. Bright and fiery, the orange shades in diamonds are very rare. But quite sadly, they have a low demand in the market, which is however, a blessing in disguise because they are not awfully expensive either.

Green: Natural green diamonds are simply spectacular. They occur in light to medium shades with variably translucence. However, do look for the “natural” tag under the girdle to make sure that you are not buying an artificially treated stone. The Vivid Green Diamond is the most expensive green diamond to be sold at Sotheby’s.

Blue: Though the rarity of blue and pink diamonds are often debated, some say that both second the red sparklers in terms of oddity. Blue diamonds occur in nature in different shades, of which the dark blue stone with a touch of gray is the most valuable. The infamous Hope Diamond and the Wittlesbach Graff are the two incredible specimens of that variety. Other shades are light blue and greenish blue.

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