The Princess Cut 101

Introduced in the 1960s, the princess cut rose to prominence within a very short time primarily on account of its stunning brilliance and symmetry. Stylish and contemporary, the princess is one of the most brilliant diamond cuts, second to round. The princess cut is highly feminine which has a delicate geometry and aesthetics.

The Pros
As a brilliant cut, the princess cut has many advantages that it brings to the buyers. First, it is intensely brilliant which makes it an easy pick for solitaires and engagement rings. Even stones from the lower grade look twice as sparkling as those in other cuts. Second, the cut is exceptional in its ability to camouflage flaws. One may save big on clarity and color with a princess cut if they want to. Third, the most attractive quality of the princess cut is its compatibility with settings, and that is not in any way dependent on the carat. A princess cut diamond looks great in all settings.

Things to Watch Out
The pointy corners of a princess cut is its predicament. Susceptible to cracks and chips, these corners need reinforcements in the form of claws or brackets. They may get damaged easily from accidental drops and knocks. Bezel is the most fitting setting for a princess cut stone. It holds the stone from around the vertices thereby securing the fragile points. With its corners reinforced, a princess cut is good for wearers with active lifestyles.

Suitable for
The Princess cut is most suitable for a woman with modern taste in jewelry. It surely is a classic with a flair of trendiness that is unmistakable. With that, the princess cut is best for the women of today who look for modern flair and clean silhouette.

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