The Most Popular Diamond Ring Styles

The styles in which diamond rings are designed are literally countless at this point. Every week, designers come up with something new, much of which is either whipped out of fertile imagination or put together by borrowing inspiration from an artist’s work or an everyday object. Either which way, it helps adding to the burgeoning treasure of varieties in the stores. Some of these styles survive the passage of time and still remain afloat, while others drown in the clamor of the popular ones. Though the list of most popular keeps revising too often, here is a countdown of some of the most liked diamond ring style of this decade.

Diamond Eternity Bands

As of now, the eternity bands are one of the most popular rings styles existing in the market. I believe these rings have scales the rungs of the success ladder for the right reasons. Infinity bands are, at a glance, beautiful. From a distance, they look like shimmering rings of fire, and up close, they are diamond-loaded bands that embody the concept of eternity. Eternity diamond bands have diversified in designs over the past few years, resulting in a multitude of styles to choose from.

Three-Stone Rings

Three-stone ring, like eternity rings, have stolen the spotlight almost as soon as they landed in the market. Now, there might be a section of buyers who take no definite liking for this style, but the majority of the mass is going ga-ga on this one. Three-stone rings, as the name indicates, are set with three stones set side by side, sometimes the central one bigger than the side stones. In newer designs, the rings are paved with cluster diamonds on the shanks that add an element of sparkle to the piece.

Twisted Split Shanks Rings

Among the contemporary ring designs, the twisted split shanks style is perhaps the finest. It has been used and reused in many forms and variations to craft unique rings in the contemporary section. In this design, the shanks of the ring splits into two passing over one another in a gentle twist before finally reuniting with the head of the ring. This simple modification gives the rings a contemporary character that is loved by women across different age groups. This style is one of the most widely imitated designs of the modern time. If you are looking for something uncomplicated, and delicate, check out this section.

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