The Most Expensive Diamond Cut

As more and more diamond cuts come out from laboratory experiments, one question stands dominant among the buyers- which of these is the most expensive cut. The answer to this is not a winding one which ends with the little footnote that it depends on a bunch of variables. Today, existing amidst a gamut of pricey and pretty cuts, the round brilliant cut is the most expensive of them all. To back that statement, it is also safe to say, that it is also the fairest of them all.

The Most Expensive Diamond Cut

What Makes It the Most Expensive?
The question that inevitably follows the first is what makes this cut the most expensive the market has. Once again, the answer is quite simple. As a buyer, you would want your diamond to spark optimally, and that’s what a round brilliant cut diamond does. It shines more and most. A round cut diamond is a bride’s favorite for the simple reason that there is hardly any match to it in the market. That is precisely why 75% of all diamonds that are sold are cut into round-brilliant. Such is the popularity and demand of this cut.

What Causes the Fire in a Round Brilliant Cut?
Precisely, the sparkle and scintillation in a round brilliant cut diamond is mathematically produced. A perfect round-cut contains 58 facets, all of which are produced on the basis of a precise calculation. These facets, together, work like a prism. Bouncing lights off on all directions before drawing them inside. The entry and exit of the light creates the spectacular sparkle, while the facets determine and adjust the paths. So, simply put, it is the facets that determine how much light will go in and how much of it will exit and through which point for the stone to have a very high scintillation.

Other Reasons
One of the many reasons why a round brilliant cut diamond is so expensive is that the cut causes a lot of waste of diamonds. Cutting a diamond into a round shape results in loss of rough stones which makes the price even steeper. That’s why both the cut and the stone costs a lot more than other cuts. Another reason is its steep popularity. Round brilliant cut stones have been on the top of the popularity list for years. There has been no cut yet that has challenged the popularity of this one.

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