The Fancy Shade of Gray in Diamonds

Gray diamonds may not be as raging popular as their clear, blue, pink and other cousins, but they are quite an eyeful, if you have the taste for it. Very recently, unveiled in a jewel sale in New York, these diamonds have garnered a lot of attention and admiration from the crowd. Cut in different shapes, these fancy gray diamonds reflect a curious mix of gray and blue. What makes these diamonds all the more perfect is their high scintillation that the color gray, if possible, accentuates. One glance at these pretty pieces will leave you speechless with wonder.

The Fancy Shade of Gray in Diamonds

Although white diamonds still continue to hold the first position in the popularity meter, these gray stones are gradually gaining grounds among the millennial population who have an eye for everything rare and beautiful. After the traditional alternatives of pink, yellow and blue, eyes have now turned to these stunning, nearly colorless pieces. The high transparency of these gems add to the fire and scintillation. The natural color adds a mystical tone to the gems elevating them almost to the level of white diamonds in their beauty.

Quite interestingly, the fancy gray diamonds have occurred in a variety of colors, something that makes them all the more alluring. There are some gems that are blue in color with gray as only the secondary shade. But because the primary color in these gems is blue, they are priced staggeringly as compared to their gray counterparts. A proper cut can maximize the combination of colors making it emit different hues of blue and gray from different angels.

The reason why these diamonds have rose to popularity is that gray is primarily a modifying color. The presence of this shade makes it all the more unique. There are some combinations that lend a diamond a particular character. For instance, the greenish gray is a unique combination that gives the stones a chameleon effect which is next to no other. Under different temperature and light, the effect keeps changing radically. So, your stone will never wear the same color in all environments. However, there is a kind that is purely gray with absolutely no intrusion of a secondary color. The closest thing resembling that shade is a story sky. By all standards, that is a striking variety, if gray is what you love, even in diamonds.

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