The Cut to Carat Comparison

If there is one thing that you should know about carats is that they are never what they seem. Did you know that a cut can make a stone seem smaller or bigger, irrespective of the carat? Yes, a carat of a diamond can appear markedly bigger in a cut whilst looking suspiciously smaller in another. That’s what makes carats a deceptive little thing when it comes to eyeballing. So, if you are looking to make the most of your diamonds’ carat size, it’s important to make acquaintance with the nuts and bolts of the thing called carat. Let’s jump right in then, shoppers.

The Cut to Carat Comparison

Carats in Round Cut
The round cut, which is the most brilliant cut of all is popular for two reasons, first its fire and second its classic shape. A round-cut stone looks infinitely sparkling in comparison to all other cuts known because of its perfectly symmetrical facets that have the best refraction possible on a stone. But that aside, round cuts stones have one major disadvantage. It has no size advantage. In other words, it does nothing to make the stone appear bigger. So, whatever your carat is, a round cut shows the stone as is.

Carat in Cushion Cut
That raises the question in mind, are there cuts that can really make stones appear much bigger than their weight? Well, yes. Cushion cut is one of those cuts that maximize the carat weight of a gem making them visibly bigger. On a downside, your stone may not sparkle as much as a round-cut gem does, but it’s not like anyone is going to compare it beside a round-cut to analyze the subtle differences, right?

Carat in Princess Cut
For years Princess cut has seconded round-cut in perfection and brilliance. A princess cut, square or rectangular exhibits symmetrical lines and perfectly sparkling facets. It has a very contemporary look and is one of the most favorite choice of cuts for engagement rings. However, like its round counterpart, this brilliant cut too is pretty true to the carat. So, what you see is what you get.

Carat in Oval Cut
Want something bigger for the price you pay? The cushion cut is bested by yet another new cut which has an even greater size advantage, and that’s the oval cut. The oblong shape of the cut has a multitude of advantages. It dials up the elegance of any design, makes fingers look slender when worn in a ring and of course, looks maximally large for its carat.

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