The Cushion Cut Diamond – A Pillow Of Beauty

Cushion cut diamonds have a classic and romantic look that stands apart from round brilliant cut diamonds. This cut resembles a modern oval cut blended with an Edwardian style called the Old Mine Cut. Some cushion cut diamonds will be a long rectangle, or almost square, with a variety of depth percentages and table sizes.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a diamond in this style. Cushion Cut Diamonds have larger facets. Clarity characteristics are more visible on stones with large facets rather than many smaller ones. It’s optimal to try for the best color and clarity suitable to your pocketbook. In terms of shape, a good length to width ratio to go by is 1:1.25 to 1:1.30.

There are a few suggestions for buying a good quality cushion cut. Be certain to choose a ‘Good’ grade for the cut, a stone whose color is G, with a clarity of VS2. Cushion cut loose diamonds may also be purchased on a tighter budget with three basic criteria: a Good level cut, an SI2 clarity, and an I level color. You can go even lower than these basic criteria, but it’s not recommended. A connoisseur should consider the beauty of each stone as well as its value.

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