The Blooming Popularity of Cushion cut and Emerald cut Engagement Rings

New year brings along new and exciting jewelry trends. There seems to be a breath of fresh air in the world of jewelry every year. The fashion market buzzes with new trends and designs while our Fashionista vies to sport them. The euphoria of trying out the latest trends in jewelry grips everyone. Now that we have stepped into the new year, there must be hundreds queued to get hitched. Getting that one engagement ring that will light up her world demands time and research from your end. With a mammoth collection of designs, gemstones, patterns, metals and trends at disposal, it is but natural that you find yourself at sea. Nevertheless a peep into what is presently doing the rounds in the market will give you a knowledge that will suffice and help you make a choice that she would love to flaunt.

While the round brilliant cut engagement ring remains the undisputed leader in the arena of engagement ring, quickly rising in popularity are the cushion cut and emerald cut engagement rings. So much that they are on the verge of overtaking the place of the princess cut engagement ring which is presently enjoying the second place next to the round brilliant cut engagement ring. Needless to say, cushion cut and emerald cut engagement rings are very much in this year and are here to rule the fashion industry for an indefinite period of time.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring:

Though the fashion market is constantly shifting, the antique style will always stand out against the sea of other diamond styles. In other words, the craze for the antique style will continue. Hence, it is for this very reason that the cushion cut engagement rings have bounced in demand. Not only does it feature a distinct shape, but it has an aura of the old world charm that gives it their vintage appeal. The cushion cut diamond is a cross between the modern, round and oval cuts and the Old mine cut. They offer a multi-faceted brilliance and the soft rounded corners render it a soft gleam and a romantic appeal. The cushion cut stones are mostly square, though they are also available in rectangular shapes.


Emerald Cut Engagement Ring:

Another that is parallelly rising in popularity are the emerald cut engagement rings. Their popularity can be ascertained from the fact that many celebrities have already adorned their finger with this beauty. They include Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Eva Longoria, Evelyn Lozada and many others. That they have become a desirable piece is only too obvious. The emerald cut stone is rectangular, have a large table and incredible clarity. They have an unparalleled vintage look and this is what makes them gorgeous and distinct in every respect. The hall of mirrors effect, a unique trait of the emerald cut stone is what makes it stand apart from the other diamond cuts.
So if you are thinking what type of engagement ring will win her heart, choose between the cushion cut and emerald cut. She is sure to fall in love with you more than ever before.

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