Asscher cut diamonds, glamorous in any piece of jewelry

This eye-catching cut was developed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher of the Royal Asscher Diamond Company.

It resembles an emerald cut, with both possessing cropped corners and sets of parallel facets that highlight the transparency of a diamond. For the most beautiful results, try to choose as high a quality stone as your budget will allow. There are certain minimum requirements or recommendations for buying an Asscher cut diamond, which are cut rated as Good cut, a G color, Sl2 clarity, a top most facet between 54 and 63%, and a depth percentage in the 64-72% range.

This type of cut makes for a showpiece of an engagement ring. Keep in mind when choosing your pieces that an Asscher cut diamond requires a four-prong setting for rings. Whenever a person sets out to purchase jewelry and diamonds in particular, their heart and soul pour into the gift.

Asscher cut loose diamonds can also be a good investment for your portfolio, as well as a way to choose your own diamonds for use in jewelry gifts. Selecting stones, settings and materials separately can allow for greater flexibility when creating the perfect design. Looking online can be a great way to compare different styles, weights, looks, and even prices. No matter your approach, keep in mind that buying a diamond can only be accomplished with love and happiness at its core.

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