The Appeal of Gold

As far back as 4000 BCE, people have turned to gold for precious jewelry. Its shine, color and malleability have made it a perennial favorite for shaping into any adornment one dreams of. Gold combines beauty with the love between two people, in the form of engagement rings and wedding bands.

For strength, gold is mixed with silver or other materials. In addition to the iconic yellow, gold is also alloyed into white, rose and even green hues. A number of designers take advantage of this subtle rainbow, offering striped gold wedding bands to represent the possibilities married life has to give.

Colored gold is just as versatile with engagement rings. White gold engagement rings, with their neutral tones, make an excellent backdrop for any gemstone, especially diamonds. Warm hued yellow and rose gold serve as an enhancement for earth toned jewels, and green gold highlights floral designs. Whatever your aesthetic, there is a gold ring for you.

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