The Allure and Individuality of Unique Engagement Rings


Gone are the days when hearts were won with predictably monochromatic diamond engagement rings! Though a fairly common and highly regarded choice when it comes to engagement rings, conventional diamond rings have given way to more imaginative and individualistic options. The art and fashion of contemporary jewelry design has left an impact on the customary concept of engagement rings. If you are looking for a unique engagement ring that flaunts various nuances of your personality and style preferences, the following alternatives may come handy.

# Engagement Ring without a Diamond

An engagement ring without a single diamond makes for a style statement in itself! If you never cared much for diamonds, choosing an engagement ring with any other vivid precious or semi-precious gemstone is a great idea. Think emerald, sapphire, ruby, topaz, Lapis Lazuli – the choices are simply endless! Playing with the diverse vibrant shades of these gems provides an opportunity to create an excitingly special and unique engagement ring. A perfectly clear and carefully cut colored gemstone makes an exquisitely beautiful engagement ring.

# Diamond Engagement Ring with Colored Accents or Vice Versa

When rich shades of sapphire or emerald blend with radiant diamonds, the outcome is nothing short of a spectacle. The unfailing combination of translucent diamonds and colored gemstones is made in jewelry heaven. For the fashionably adventurous, fancy colored diamonds in varying shades and depths of yellow, green, red, and even black add verve to an otherwise conventional engagement ring. Instead of focusing on a diamond as the central stone, a brilliant ruby or sapphire can do the job with equal élan. Carefully matched smaller diamond side stones around a vibrant gemstone will add to the beauty of the ring.

# Engagement Rings Sans the Humdrum ‘Round Brilliant’

Move over traditional round brilliant solitaire, ’tis the season of novelty and imagination. Avoid the common monotony of round-shaped dazzle to choose diamond or gemstones for their finesse and cut distinction. Cuts like oval, marquise, princess, asscher, pear, cushion, and emerald are famous for their scintillating splendor and elegance.

# Patterned or Filigreed Engagement Rings

Far from the clichéd crowd, engagement rings with intricate filigree detailing are exceptional in their design features. Celtic rings, engraved rings, art deco finger rings, and floral engagement rings are some of the renowned varieties. Delicately designed and beautifully intricate with one or more gemstone blooms with highlights of charmingly elaborate and ornate flowering vines, symmetrical knot patterns of Celtic rings – there are choices galore.

If you want to get married this year, there are exciting options aplenty. Set your imagination free and choose a unique engagement ring that remains as inimitable as you are.

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