Tennis Bracelets That Will Leave You Breathless

The versatility of tennis bracelets in all contexts of fashion is markedly remarkable. They are dainty and elegant, the kind of jewelry you cannot ignore. They work great with dresses, jeans, skirts, rompers and whatever else you can think of. If there is one thing about these bracelets that can be cited as the best, then it’s their sparkling quality. The beauty of tennis bracelets can be credited to the sparkle of diamonds that lift these baubles to a new height of glamour and aesthetics. Now let’s take a look at some of the tennis bracelets that will leave you sweetly surprised.

Bezel-set Classic Bracelet: If round cut diamonds is your weakness, then this bracelet will totally lift your spirits up. Woven in a neat and nifty string, this bracelet contains a handful of round-cut diamonds set in full bezel brackets. The perfect round bezels create a beautiful symmetry that is hard to miss in this bracelet. The diamonds sparkle brightly from their bezel contours creating a perfectly symmetrical line of sparkling gems that make any outfit look twice more elegant than without it. The stones used in this piece are very small and that takes care of the price.

Princess Cut Claw-Set Bracelet: If you want your bracelet to have nothing but princess-cut diamonds, then this piece deserves a glance. Strung together with a bunch of princess-cut stones mounted on claw settings, this piece is quite marvelous. The white diamonds without much metal showing in between conjures a continuous line of shimmer and sparkle, something that makes this bracelet a specimen of fine jewelry. The claw settings have a very minimal feel about them that makes the diamonds shine brighter and pronounce them to the eyes.

Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet: The love affair of diamonds and blue sapphires is not a new thing. They work so well together that generations of jewelers and designers have found themselves obsessing on this combination for centuries. Today’s tennis bracelets use blue sapphires and white diamonds in brilliant combinations that are nearly never seen before. You can customize your bracelet too with a sequencing of your choice. A line of blue sapphire at the center with two rows of white diamonds at the top and bottom is a popular style. For skinny bracelets, you can sequence them alternately to create a beautiful pop of color and sparkle.

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