Tennis Bracelets: A Gift Can’t Get More Perfect Beyond This


Of the jewelry that make every day wears, tennis bracelet is one. It is sporty, light, chic, minimal, and definitely a great gift. Men often grapple for ideas in their mind when it comes to gifting their romantic partners. They eventually turn to their sisters, mothers and female friends in surrender for their relevant inputs. While it is understandable that their contributions may be of greater relevance and accuracy than yours, but this article for now may save you a lot of word job of asking around. Whatever the upcoming occasion be, for your special one, a piece of jewel is never unfitting. As for a tennis bracelet, it is even more appropriate for its symbolic potency.

A Shimmering Diamond Wristlet
It is plain, but definitely not ordinary. Crafted in precious metal, this simple chain is studded through its length and breadth with a stone of diamond woven in a line. Sporting approximately 55 diamonds, this design uses all the stones in single cut. Though this one is not ornate in its embellishment with no center stone, it definitely does not miss the details at a subtle level. The beauty of this piece is its very zero elaboration. The chain simply shines by the sheer brilliance of its stones. This one can be ordered in white gold, if you are looking for something in the pricier side of the range.

Infinity Bracelet with Diamond Accents
If your girl has an eye for difference, then this piece might be worth taking a shot at. This design uses three thin bangles looped though in an intertwined style. From the side dangles a yellow gold heart studded Right from the same loop hangs out a double infinity charm sporting diamond accents. The blend of silver and gold with the sparkle of radiant cut diamonds make a winning show. It goes with all attires, and is a perfect all-time wear.

Butterfly Link Tennis Bracelet
This one is elaborate in its aesthetics. The chain is woven with butterfly links in a sequence of alternate diamond studding. Very feminine, it usually comes in a combination of white diamonds on a gold base. You may however customize it with the gemstone of your choice and color it up a little. However, it is conspicuous and can be the piece that makes up for all others. It might cost you a bit more than the others, but so is 2 carats of diamond worth.

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