How to Tell If Vintage Jewelry Is Worth Its Price

Vintage jewelry comes for a price that equals a fortune. So, there is not much else to expect than a steep price label for a heritage piece of jewelry. But, that bit of the fact also raises a question in the mind. Is every antique jewel worth an arm and a leg? Is there any way to tell with considerable clarity if a piece of jewelry from sometime back in history is truly worth all the thousands of dollars it comes for? Yes, there are some tell-tell signs that can come to help in assessing the true worth of a piece of jewelry.


How to Tell If Vintage Jewelry Is Worth Its PriceInformation Is Key

Gather as much information as possible before you make the buy. So much insight can be gathered from these researches at the start. Particularly, target information such as when was it purchased, who was it purchased from, where was it really found, etc. Trust the big and reliable names to find authentic antique jewelry for just prices.


What Do the Marks Say?

Every antique jewelry bears a mark, more like a sign of the craftsman. While some use engravings of initials, others like to imprint their pieces with a crest or insignia of sorts. These marks tell the period from which they belong. Do your independent research than going with what the dealer tells you. A lot can be learned from these marks.


The Inside Story

If you have other means to gather the inside story, go for it. Ask the seller how he came upon this piece. They may be able to tell you the true story behind the antique jewelry. While on one hand, that’s interesting to learn, on another, it is the most reliable way of knowing if the piece is really a vintage and thereby, worth all the money.


Real Pearls

There was nothing as farmed pearls in the early centuries. So, if your seller brings you a piece of jewelry that features a cultured pearl, odds are that it’s not a real vintage, or that the real pearl has been knocked out and replaced by a less precious one. In either of the cases, you know what to do.


Does the Workmanship Scream Imagination?

If it’s a rare finding, then go for it, by all means. How to tell if it’s rare? Well cast a probing look at it. Does the craftsmanship reflect mastery and originality of idea? Then, say yes to it.

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