A Tale of Three Rings

Romantic love is an ongoing experience. The more time passes, the deeper the connection grows. A couple who dates may get engaged. After marriage, they might spend many happy years together. Each milestone of their bond may be commemorated with diamond rings.

The custom of engagement rings is thousands of years old, with the designs changing over time. Today’s engagement rings are commonly made of gold, platinum or other precious metals. Many rings are embellished with diamonds. Round brilliants and princess cuts are among the most popular choices. These diamond rings may feature a single jewel, or be further decorated with other gemstones, such as side stones, halos or pave settings.

Wedding bands may either be jeweled or left plain. Of the former, the band may be decorated to coordinate with the engagement ring, including diamonds of similar cut and settings. Other styles may consist of many smaller diamonds covering the ring, such as with pave or eternity bands. Plain rings may be engraved, finely worked, or have subtle decorations, such as a domed middle or stepped edges.

Anniversary rings are typically diamond bands with multiple jewels. Popular styles include eternity rings, which feature diamonds surrounding the entire perimeter of the band, or half eternity rings, with feature jewels on one side of the band for ease of wearing. The use of diamonds is to tie in with the other romantic rings, showing a love that’s still going strong.

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