Take Your Rings Off Before Doing Any of These Things

If you want your diamonds to shine bright for years, just polishing and buffing won’t help. You also need to protect them from elements that can steal away their sparkle until they are only a faint shadow of their real selves. These elements, one may encounter, in their day to day lives, depending on their lifestyles. So, to throw caution in the wind, we have rounded up for you, a few chores that you do not want to start on with your precious rings on. Always, always remember to leave your rings behind before you get on with any of these.

Take Your Rings Off Before Doing Any of These Things

It’s spring time and that brings us all to the onerous duty of spring cleaning. Now cleaning the house is unavoidable if you know the merits of good hygiene, but your diamonds do not have to suffer with it. So, before you pull up those cleaning gloves and start scratching and buffing around the house with a cleaning spray in hand, take your rings off. Yes water proof gloves are great to shield the rings from any kind of chemical exposure, but why take a risk. With every spritz of cleaner you spray on a surface, there is a possibility of a tiny globule to find an in to your glove-covered hands. Plus, there is no escaping the dust, even with the gloves.

Next up is gardening. Sure gardening is a great hobby and what can be a better way to use your spare time than to give back to nature a little something in the form of a sapling or two? But, jewelry and dirt, they don’t really go together. No matter how carefully you do it, there is no way that you can block a grain or two of dirt to find access into your rings. Now take into account the innumerable corners and cuts a ring has. So, you can’t shove your hands into the dirt with your rings on and expect to escape without doing damage to the gems.  So, the scratches that mysteriously appeared on your diamonds from nowhere might have come from a day in the garden.

Most people don’t buy this. What’s with swimming and jewelry? The water’s perfectly clean, and even a little heated, even better. Why then can’t my jewelry enjoy a little dipping with me? If you knew the risks, you’d want nothing more than to leave them outside. First off, water, whether in a pool, or a lake, or an ocean, lubricates the skin easily, thereby making it most possible for smugly fit rings to escape out of your hand. Second, pool water contains chlorine and natural water bodies have algae, neither of which can do any good to jewelry. So, between losing your ring and harming them, there are very little options to explore. So, why not leave them behind and wish them a long life?

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