How to Take a Million Dollar Shot of Your Engagement Ring with Just Your Cellphone Camera

Photographing an engagement ring does not require a high-end camera with expensive lens fitting. Nor does it require a fountain of skill and knowledge. Don’t be thinking of a conventional shot of getting photographed with the ring. You can just click your prized engagement ring with your cellphone camera with just a few tips. The following points may work equal wonders for a selfie.

Illumination to the Right Degree
The beauty of a piece of jewel unfolds itself best under bright light. When you go to a jewelry gallery, you would see that each counter topped with an array of lighting that brightens up the counter top on which the jewels are shown and the shelves that display them. If it’s an outdoor shoot, then choose a sunny day for natural light and diamonds are like tight buddies.

Which Angle Is the Right Angle?
Finding the angle might be daunting, but it unlocks the secrets of good photography. In this case, try to find the angle in which the diamond catches the light best. Try to place the ring in direct exposure to the sun for the fire to show itself.

Manicure and Paint Your Finger
If your fingers are going to be a part of the picture, then you better clean up the cuticles and color up your nails. It only makes the picture better when you don’t have dead skin growth poking out from the nail sides. Also keep your fingers relaxed. They shouldn’t appear like you are posing. It makes the picture weird when you make your fingers too straight and stiff.

Mind the Backdrop
Your camera’s focus will always be on the ring, but that does not rule out the need for a proper background. You choose to lay your hand on a piece of rock in a park, or a timber bench. It could also be in front of a champagne flute or the middle of a spread of fresh wildflowers. ‘

No Flash Please
Turn the flash off before you tab the click button. Flash is only for indoor shots. The natural illumination will lose all its beauty if you add flash to the picture.

Don’t Go Zooming
Take your camera close to the point of focus instead of zooming at it from a distance. Zooming only degrades the picture quality and pixelates the final product.

Filter It Up When Processing
At the time of editing, go liberal with the filters. Try a number of them before you settle for one.

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