Summer Weddings Just Got Better With the Cadence of Colors


If you are all set to tie the knot this summer, then you have a lot of planning ahead of you. The thing with summer weddings is that it is a touch different than weddings held in the last quarter of a year. The sun and breeze however work all to your advantage. If you are swamped with ideas and inspirations, then your summer wedding can be more perfect than you actually hoped for. Take a look at what things you can do differently when exchanging vows in a sunny season.

The best way to stand apart from the crowd is to pick the flowers for a bouquet that are often not explored. You can surely go for a rather vibrant mix of many colors, but then you have to play with the muter and gentler shades. Alternately, you can go all bold and bright with a bunch of sunflowers. That’s right. Yellow with a warm brown center, these flowers make the perfect bouquet for a summer wedding. The color goes with almost all shades of wedding gowns.
Another rare idea is to use a broach bouquet. Wonder what that is? It is a bunch of flowers made from beads and sequins. So, you can drop the worry of keeping the flowers fresh and smelling sweet. A broach bouquet does not wilt, even after years. It is definitely a lot ornate, and if you have a bit of sequin detailing in your gown, then nothing goes better than this bunch.

As for the groom and groom’s men, a spray of orchid is a good thing to brighten up the suited look. You can pick a light bunch of garden roses bundled with a couple of dusty millers. It has a definite vintage feel about it. If you are more of a color person, then nothing can beat the hardy flowers. They bloom in some of the most vibrant shades and light up its surroundings almost instantly.

The beauty of a summer wedding is that you can keep it both short and long, as far as your comfort goes. To be somewhere in between, a tea-length wedding dress is a fitting pick for brides of all shapes and sizes. For the bridesmaids, pick a cheery color. Yellow for instance is a lovely color for a summer wedding. However, avoid draping them with uniforms for that is no longer in fashion. Give them the color code and the length and let them pick what they want.
Depending on what the groom wears, the groomsmen can be assigned light colored suits. To add a dash of vibrancy to each, give them each a bright blue tie and a yellow boutonnières. These accessorize a tan suit best.

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