Summer Jewelry Trending This Year

So like seasonal arrivals in the apparel section, ever wondered if the accessory shelves revise themselves too? Yes, they do, because, the concept of “universal” just doesn’t work there. Every piece has a theme of its own, a feel of its own and that makes it worthy of pairing with a certain outfit or not. While summer in the garment aisle is all about colors and crops, it has its distinctive factors in the jewelry section. Summery pieces are diverse, and visually distinguishable from the winter collection. If you haven’t take a note before, then this article might help you make easy identification henceforth.

Massai Collar Necklace with Ethnic Pendant
This year tribal jewelry are calling for all the hoots. If you recently styled your hair into the iconic cornrow brain, then you know exactly the piece that will go with it. The collar Massai themed necklaces are perfect. They are single, sleek and have the most artful coverage possible with one neckpiece. The necklaces do not have the shine or luster of gold and other expensive metals, but their true beauty lies in the blackened brassy hue. The necklaces come with an average sized pendant which is tribally designed. Some top jewelers like to export the bohemian pieces from their places of origin for authenticity.

Bright Stone Danglers
Color is the essence of summer. You may however go curiously different from the pack by mixing colors with monotones. Put on a monochromatic dress, preferably one that is colored black or white, or both. Now pair that up with a pair of flashing green emerald danglers. How about that? The danglers come in minimal design with the pieces using large solid stones. You may pick your own colors and stones as it suits your personality. Ruby red, sapphire blue, diamond white, etc., are some of the choices. Dangling medallions are also high in fashion this season. They are definitely a lot more expensive when studded with diamonds and other real gemstones, but are also available in cost-effective varieties.

Body Chains
There is no other season to flaunt these wonderful pieces than summer. Wearing them over a designer gown is a choice that most avail, but so far commonly overlooked is the prospect of coupling them with a bikini. Several celebrities have been spotted this summer wearing body chains in beaches and pool sides. A perfect way to directing the attention towards your taunt and shapely abs, this piece of jewel has long been overshadowed by others. Finally they are out and all ready to sizzle the curves this summer. Belly chains are available in a variety of designs starting from simplistic chains to tube beads, trinkets and more.

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