Summer Jewelry That Will Keep a Girl in Fashion for a Long Long Time

When you invest in jewelry, somewhere below the level of consciousness, you hope that it has a reasonably long fashion life. For some baubles like diamond studs and solitaires, there is no expiration date, in terms of fashion. But, there are others that pop and vanish even before the third time you wear them. So, to ease that discomfort of pocket pinch, here are some jewelry that you can buy even blind sighted without worrying about their fashion relevance, some years from now.

Layering Pendants
Layering pendants are a practical diversion from heavy necklaces. Using two or more layering pendants, you can achieve the same effect as a necklace at only half the price. Layering is a fresh trend in jewelry and like in apparels, layering in jewelry is going to stay a while now. In fact, it’s one of those styles that do not lose their relevance long after the trend has stopped.

Fancy Stackable Bands
Stacking is another new trend in rings, a ritual that has been passed over from bangles and bracelets. Get a handful of fancy stackable bands and you are all set for the next ten years, at least in rings. The market now has a collection of stackable diamond rings like never before. These bands are hardly as plain as they sound. They are crafted with care and ingrained with all sorts of fancy diamond cuts like baguette, princess, emerald, Asscher and such. Straddling between simplicity and sophisticated, these rings are a perfect balance of both, but nowhere close to mediocrity.

Charm Bracelets
If charms are adorable now, chances are, they will seem just the same twenty years from now. Charms have a certain sentimental value and that’s hard to wear off. Even as new and exciting jewelry are landing the market every day, these old bracelets still hold sway among buyers who have an attachment with sentimental jewelry.

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