Hottest Summer Trends in Diamond Jewelry

Summer is in its peak now and before long, autumn will roll in stealing the warmth away in preparation for the winter. But with the sun still generous and the weather fine, we thought it was good time to go over the ongoing trends in diamond jewelry this year. Below you will learn about some of the hottest summer trends in diamond accessories this year. If you are in the process of building your collection or just feel like buying a new sparkler this season, now is a good time to hit the store. Either way, take a look at what’s hot in diamonds this summer.

Hottest Summer Trends in Diamond Jewelry

Chic Is In Necklaces
In necklaces, a bunch of new styles have floated up to the surface to form the hottest trends. Baguette embellishment, engraved bars, bezel set gems are some of them. So if you are looking to pick something this summer which is both classic and modern, start with the bar pendant. It’s geometrical which obviously makes it modern. Its simplicity and elegance make it easily classic. This classic piece with a modern twist will easily win your heart. If you are a gem person, then check out the newest arrivals in diamond pendants, the East-West pendants. Laying on its side, these pendants are the greatest attraction of this year. First in engagement rings, now this east-west setting is everywhere in pendants.

More Linear Lines in Earrings
In earrings, linear lines are dominant this summer. Clean designs with straight lines equal fashionable and versatile. You will see them all over the earrings section. From smuggies to studs, these elements are visible in all styles of earrings. There is another new style which people are talking about, which is the stud-cum-ear-jacket. It’s a combination of studs and ear-jacked packed together in one design. Paved with diamonds all over, these earrings are a thing this summer.

Layered Bracelets Is the New Thing
After tennis bracelets, what’s hot is layered bracelets. Crafted with motifs both classic and new, these bracelets are showstoppers. There are petite ones which come dotted with diamonds on skinny chains with a charm or two dangling at the close. There are the dainty bracelets which are skinny bangles that can be worn single or in stacks, depending on your outfit. Bezel-cut diamond wristlets are high in fashion too. It has a bit of both, sparkle and style.

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