Some Stunning Specimen of Colored Stone Jewels


The introduction of color in gold ornaments came in the form of colored gemstones. Enamels were a much later introduction, a migration from pottery as an experimental tryout. Moving on with gemstones, gems have been a pivotal part of jewelry making in all eras. To this day, they occupy a central place in the art of designing because of their cheerful visual vibe. An all gold or all silver ornament can hardly ever look as stunning as the same with sparing or strategic inclusion of colored stones. Modernist designers have wholeheartedly embraced this practice by reserving a special place for colored stones in their products.

Aquamarine and Platinum Necklace
This necklace is a piece of wonder. A standing ovation to the person who perceived the design and to the jeweler who translated the vision to a reality with such magnificence and precision. This platinum neckpiece uses 15 aquamarine stones in cushion-cut shapes and 19 European-cut diamonds as accent stones. The stones are pieced together with a platinum chain that links the stones in a fabulous vine-like weave. Tendril links connect the aquamarines together. The stones grow bigger towards the center starting from the ornate back clasp. From the biggest stone in the middle emerges a small conical projection that is set with three small vintage diamonds.

Sapphire-Heart Diamond Flower Studs
You would have to calm your heart before you can pry your eyes away from this terrific pair of jewels. Made with Kashmiri blue sapphire, only a few others in the entire planet can match up to the beauty of this one. Now, as it is, Kashmiri sapphires are the rarest blue corundum known to gemologists, which naturally makes it one of the most coveted too. What surrounds the blue, deep center of the ring is a border of asymmetrical and irregular petals. The petals are studded with diamond and their uneven pattern makes it look a lot more natural and less a meticulous handiwork.

Platinum Ruby Ring Flanked by Diamonds
If there is any combination that hits the bullseye in jewelry designing, then it is the play of contrasts. The use of gemstones of contrasting colors in jewelry, combining a neutral colored heavy metal with deep shades of gems, etc. are some of the secrets of jewelry making. This one piece is a tribute to that style. A Pigeon’s blood Burmese Ruby stone at the center flanked by two vintage colorless diamonds set on a flat platinum band pulls together a picture that inspires awe.

Leaves Bracelets in Gold and Diamond
At a glance, you might not be able to place the name with the design of this one. That is why it is a perfect marriage of the artist’s imagination with wearability. This wristlet is linked by a chain of leaves, the bottom of which is built with diamonds while the top reveals the warm yellow richness of gold. ‘W’ links join the parts together while working as a clasp in the end.

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