Some Stunning Opal Jewelry to Add to Your Collection

Opals in jewelry are hardly as common as diamonds, but they are arguably some of the most sophisticated pieces there are. If you find yourself strangely attracted to this stone, sometimes over other precious gems, then you are in luck, for here we have for you, some of the finest suggestions to make from the opal section. Let’s take a dive into some truly exotic opal jewels that will leave you short of breath with amazement.


White Opal Drop Earrings:Opal and mother of pearl gold necklace

Curved opal jewelry are few and far, and if you want one, here is your chance. This pair of curved white opal earrings feature two drop-cut opals dangling from a gold and diamond crown. The carvings on the opals create a ripple effect that is distinctly visible through the nacre of the stone. The design includes a sharp strip of diamonds where the tops should be. Finely designed and extremely elegant, this piece comes with lever backs that promise both comfort and security.


Green Opal Danglers:

If you like color, then this pair of beauties is just what is waiting for your attention. Made of four pieces of flat, special-cut opals, the earrings have a very delicate design. The stones are joined together with a gold and diamond link at the center. The opals are held to their gold backs with gold claws on all four sides. The combination of gold and green topped with the incredible iridescence of the stone and the sparkle of the diamond is quite an eyeful.


Blue Opal and Gold Pendant:

There is hardly any match for this magnificent pendant in the market. Curved in gold and set with a massive pear-cut opal at the heart, this pendant features a delicate design that makes sparing appearance of gold. The vine-like loop, the thin sharp claws on the sides and the sleek golden lining around the opal together conjure a lovely sight. This pendant can’t possibly go wrong with any style.


Opal and Lapis Lazuli Necklace:

Opal necklaces are not very common and this is why this one makes a pretty striking entry on the list. Woven with pink Peruvian opals beads and lapis lazuli roundels, this one is a masterpiece. The necklace uses opals of varying sizes with the biggest piece placed at the center starting with the smallest pieces. This necklace, if you love opals, is to die for.

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