Stud Styles That Are Going to Rock This Year

Studs are the most versatile jewels for ears that are in existence. They are your companion for all occasions ranging from Friday night parties to weekend shopping, work days to vacations. Go anywhere and do anything in them and you will never look out of style. Such is the versatility of ear studs, and this year, they come in glad tidings for stud lovers. Some very minimal, but swoon-worthy styles of studs have landed in the shelves this year. Some of these styles are going to rock from this year to many years to come. They have a few things in common, in that, they are simple, clean, dainty and of course feminine, with a flash that makes anybody want to own them.

Let’s take a look at the stud styles that are going to rock from this point forth.

Stud Styles That Are Going to Rock This Year On

The Classics: If you are a person who likes to stick to the classics, then this is your section. The classic studs include cuts like princess, round and cushion. They are the simple staples every jewelry box must contain. In a new style, the classic diamond cuts are secured in the basket setting which is arguably the simplest and most feminine setting in jewelry. Although very demure in quality, the classic studs exert a very powerful appeal to the others. Their carat weight and sparkle do the rest of the job.

The Fancy Cuts: Moving on to fancier options, this range is for those who are looking for something out of the box. Oblong and unique cuts dominate this section. Emerald, Oval, Radiant and Asscher are the key participants in this section. The items in this range feature medium to big carat weights, all cut out in fancy shapes and laid out in pretty settings. Expect to see some squares and rectangles in this range.

The New Entrants: Nice geometric shapes dominate this section of ear studs. Simplicity reigns this collection, except that they merge the boldness of fancy studs with modish designs and patterns. Marquise, pear and triangle are the three principle cuts used and reused in the designs in this section. Sharp angles and petite pieces are the common features of this range.

The Statement Studs: Lastly, if you are thinking stylish, then the statement studs is what you need to explore. They are stunning yet comfortable, minimal yet showstoppers. Halos, clusters, floral patterns and similar motifs adorn this section.

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