Standard Carat Weight of a Decent Engagement Ring

Questions are rife surrounding this topic of diamond size in engagement rings. This subject is so lacking in clarity that customers, more often than not, pose this question to the salesperson in the thick of a purchase. While different salespersons come up with different answers that are brightly colored with personal opinions, experiences, market trends and other aspects, the truth is somewhere lost in the noise. Frankly, this article does not attempt to answer the question, but bring to the table a few statistics that have answers that can end this confusion, once and for all.

Popularity of Carat Weights in Engagement Rings
Although it appears sometimes that almost everybody has a rock-size diamond on their engagement ring, the facts run south to this assumption. In fact, diamond size over 2.5 carats is one of least popular in engagement rings. So, what’s the average size for an engagement ring? It seems, from the data, that most people like their rings to have diamonds between 1 and 1.09 carat. If you have seen a diamond that is about that size, you’d say it’s a decent size, for both solitaires and other kinds of engagement rings. And because the customers are sharply inclined to this particular size, it sounds like a decent size to have on an engagement ring. A diamond over a carat is big enough to catch others’ eye, but not boastfully big to gravitate unwanted attention.

Second in popularity is diamonds between the sizes 0.9 and 0.99 carats, with the weight leaning mostly towards the bigger digit. In my opinion, a diamond that is close to a carat is not so bad for an engagement ring, but odds are, you will require a handful of cluster diamonds to add to the volume of the ring. So, anything below a carat is good, as long as it’s not a solitaire. Alternately, if you are thinking of purchasing a diamond solitaire, sticking to the most popular carat weight would be a pragmatic decision from all aspects.

In designs, there are three basic choices, solitaires, halo and classic. Now, before you go on to picking a size of diamond, you have to make your mind about the style of ring you want. For a solitaire, anything above a carat is adequate, but not perfect. For a halo style ring that usually has pave diamonds bordering the center diamond, you can pick a smaller stone and make up for it with cluster diamonds.

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