Spring Gem Jewelry from Last Year That Will Set the Trend This Year

Spring flowers are already bursting into blooms all over the world. Spring has always been associated with youth and vitality, romance and birth in the proses and poetries of great writers. Once again, this picturesque season has initiated the imagination of a group of artists, this time, a community of phenomenal jewelry designers. Taking ideas and inspirations from spring blooms, designers have brought to the people an exclusive collection of gem jewelry that have left the world stunned and mesmerized effortlessly. Be ready to fall head over heels for the season’s best specimens from the world of jewelry.

Agate and Tourmaline Brooches: Enthusiasts in Geneva saw the unveiling of the most spectacular brooches in the history of brooches this year. Last year, designers exhibited a series of brooches in the Spring collection that wore the color and vitality of the titular season. These brooches were perfect imitation of the original blossoms. They were inset with flaming colors of pink and white, achieved through a selective use of best-grade gems from the orchid family. Tourmaline petals, diamond pollens, and emerald leaves may blow up the price to an unprecedented scale, but for all that overwhelming esthetics, it is definitely worth a go. Much recommended to collectors with deep pockets.

Vivid Pink Diamond Necklaces: For what it’s worth, vivid pink diamonds are one of the rarest and prettiest of diamonds mined around the world. The shade of a vivid pink diamond is markedly different from regular pink diamonds that are sold at regular prices. The difference in color and quality settles the argument of its prohibitively high price. Necklaces made with vivid diamond chips or single chunky vivid diamonds are worth adding to your collection, if you have the means to get them. Reflecting the virgin color of pink roses with the clarity of ocular lenses, these perfect diamonds will win your heart from go.

Cabochon Emerald Ring: Cabochon gems are in fashion this rise, but this development saw initiation the year before when designers brought into being some exclusive pieces of jewelry with these uncut gems. Of all the kinds, emerald finds priority as a cabochon gem. A sugarloaf emerald ring carrying 17.02 carats of uncut emerald set things in motion last year. Accented with baguette diamonds that wrapped the band shoulders in eye-catching details, this platinum piece was one of the crowning jewels presented in the exhibition of Geneva.

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